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Idel Designs Inc takes pride in designing and renovating both kitchens & bathrooms within San Diego. Many have come to visit our showrooms for a first person look of our quality kitchen displays, bathroom remodel displays, and of course to get the wholesale rates they need.

Most homeowners in San Diego consider their family kitchen as the ideal gathering spot when friends or family arrive. This is why many homeowners put so much emphasis into their kitchen, because it says everything about the house. It’s to no surprise a perfectly designed and renovated kitchen space adds a unique value bu also a quality of luxury within it. This is why so many homeowners call us, because our San Diego kitchen remodeling makes sense by adding additional value into their homes. See why so many within the San Diego come to us anytime they need quality San Diego kitchen remodeling services.

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When homeowners decide upon the design and renovation of their kitchen in San Diego, Idel Designs Inc is always the first San Diego Remodeling Company that comes to mind. The kitchen has always been the focal point of any home, hence why so much design and luxury goes into it. Ever notice why the family is always fighting to hang out in the kitchen? Well after your new kitchen remodel you’ll notice even more family and friends will want to hang out in the kitchen! Feel free to browse our name brands or speak with our live representatives anytime you have questions.

Have you been considering about looking for the right professional company for your kitchen remodeling in San Diego? Then consider Idel Designs Inc. since they offer the San Diego community with quality kitchen remodeling services for affordable rates. If you’ve always wondered how anyone goes about getting their own kitchen remodel, no worries we have made a ste by step guide to kitchen renovation in San Diego.

Idel Designs Inc Kitchen Renovation San Diego Kitchen Remodeling San Diego | Call (858) 775-4259

Here are the steps that goes into any professional kitchen remodel:

Precise Measurements
The first step will always be taking exact precise measurements. This is the first step because its crucial towards having the perfect kitchen.

Custom Layout
After we’re done with the measurement, we’ll design your kitchen including the cabinets and appliances. Rest assured, you won’t be limited with the options as we’ll work again and design the kitchen you want until you are completely satisfied.

Choose Your Ideal Finish
Our designers will assist you in selecting the best type of finish for your kitchen countertops, appliances, floors, lighting, backsplash, and accessories.

What’s the Budget?
Our kitchen remodeling professionals help you set a budget and design relative towards your project budget. Since Idel Designs Inc is a wholesale supplier and well respected kitchen remodeling contractor, all of our designers get the best rates which is important when keeping your project within budget.

Choose From Our Extensive Supply
Visit our showroom to select from our wide variety of things you need to get your kitchen renovation built the way you want it. Select from various top name brands of kitchen accessories and buy them at our competitive wholesale rates. With the help of our kitchen remodeling designers you can relax knowing that you have professional designers at your side to help you with your decisions.

San Diego Kitchen Remodeling

Choose the Following by visiting our showroom or by giving us a call:

Stunning Kitchen Countertops
Choose from quartz countertops (Caesarstone, Sile Stone, Zodiaq), granite, natural stones, wood, glass, concrete, solid surface (Corian), stainless steel, and other specialty surfaces such as Ice Stone (concrete and recycled glass) or Richlite (recycled paper product).

Quality Kitchen Tile for Wholesale Rates
Idel Designs Inc has all types of tile like all ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, wood and metal.

Kitchen Cabinets That Bring Life Into Your Home
Browse from our various vast selection of top quality cabinets from various USA manufactuers and around the world. Idel Designs Inc can assist you with any kind of cabinet material, style, finish as well as the hardware that goes with it.

Kitchen Accessories
Select kitchen sink and kitchen faucets through our vast selection of top name brands and models at Idel Designs Inc.

Idel Designs Inc Kitchen Renovation San Diego Kitchen Remodeling San Diego | Call (858) 775-4259

Idel Designs Inc is your top premier kitchen remodeling contractor in the San Diego area. It’s to no surprise our competitors can’t beat our quality service, name brand products, project management services, and most importantly our designing skills. As a leading company for kitchen renovation in San Diego, Idel Designs Inc provides each client with 5 star quality remodeling services and satisfaction. See why we’ve become the #1 kitchen remodeling company in San Diego for various home owners and real estate developers by giving us a call today. Our live representatives will guide you along the way about how to get started.

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